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Villa Romana Estate Winery is a small family-run winery located on the Beamsville Bench sub-appellation, in the Niagara Peninsula.

The joy of winemaking is rooted deeply in our culture & history, with our heritage based on the spirit of our family’s winery & vineyards in Lanuvio, Italy.¬† We continue to create natural wines in the old-world tradition.¬† We put our heart & soul into growing our grapes, hand-harvesting in small lots, with dedication to producing quality wines that we hope you will love.¬† We believe wine is a beautifully crafted representation of the grapes and the location on which they are grown.¬† Working with our passionate winemaker, Mauro Salvador, we’re dedicated to bringing out the best flavours in our wines, from grape to glass.¬† Welcome to Villa Romana!

At Villa Romana, we strive to create beautifully crafted, truly delicious wine, reflecting the superb terroir & sharing our family's history.

Limited ProductionQuatrarello

Our unoaked Pinot Noir is simply balanced between multifaceted flavours, velvety tannins, and bright acidity. This light ruby red wine exhibits notes of strawberry, truffle, blackberry, and violet.

Best served between 12oC and 14oC.

Ideally paired with fatty fish, poultry, pasta, and vegan/vegetarian cuisine.

A bottle of 2020 Quatrarello Pinot Noir Red wine from Villa Romanan Estate Winery with a white background.

White BlendBack Cast

Our white blend is produced with 54% Pinot Gris, 28% Gew√ľrztraminer, and 18% Vidal. This unique combination gives the wine a golden colour with a delightful flavour of red apple, lychee, spiced ginger, and beautiful floral notes of rose and honeysuckle.

Best served between 7oC and 10oC.

Ideally paired with Asian cuisine, Foie Gras, pork, and pungent cheeses.

A bottle of 2020 Back Cast wine from Villa Romana Estate Winery with a white background.


Our dry Rosé has been cold soaked on the grape skins for less than 24 hours producing a light blush pink colour and refined palate. This traditional method ensures a Rosé that delivers bright acidity and soft, subtle aromas of crabapple, spiced red fruit and berries, and minerality.

Best served between 8oC and 12oC.

Ideally paired with seared fish, light salads, tapenade, and paella.

A bottle of 2020 Rosellino Pinor Noir Rose wine from Villa romana with a white background.

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Villa Romana Estate WineryOur Wine

With winemaker Mauro Salvador by our side, we’re dedicated to producing high-quality wines from our small lot vineyards, and aging them to perfection.

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A hundred+ great businesses to serve you. Beamsville is a great destination with stunning natural beauty surrounding it all year.

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