Mark Crecco

Vice President

Villa Romana Estate Winery

Headshot for Mark Crecco, Vice President of Villa Romana Estate Winery

Taking wine far beyond passion, Mark served on the estate winery in Lanuvio, Italy, in 2004. There he learned a grassroots approach to the science & creation of fine wines & spirits.

Having his grandfather pass down cherished recipes, techniques & morals in the traditions of Italian winemakers of countless centuries, Mark strives to revitalize the harmony & beauty of these simplistic approaches to Villa Romana. Invested in the practice of organic & sustainable farming, Mark has his eye on environmental impacts in addition to concepts surrounding waste reduction, natural pest management, and public education for future generations.

Serving on the winery since its inception, Mark exhibits his leadership primarily by managing sales, media, and operations at Villa Romana, however as expected in a family business, he wears all hats where required, and enthusiastically enjoys welcoming folks that visit each day, to share stories and create memorable experiences.