Restore, Reiki & Sound Bowls

An Immersive Healing Experience

This 75 minute class combines several healing practices for a truly unique yoga session.

Restore balance, peace and calm to your body, mind & spirit, on the beautiful picturesque setting of Villa Romana Estate Winery. 

We start with a guided meditation while laying on our back, body being immersed in beautiful and healing vibrational tones of crystal singing bowls. From there, the practitioner will guide the students into a handful of restorative yoga postures, designed to deepen the relaxation response in the body. In our final posture, savasna, students get immersed again in the healing power of crystal singing bowls.  No yoga experience necessary. A great class for beginners and regulars alike.

***Wine tastings will be available for purchase immediately following the event.***

Rose playing the crystal sound bowls.


Reiki is an energy healing system that works with the Universal Life Energy that flows through all of us. When blockages occur, it can disrupt the flow of life energy or ki, which can lead to physical, mental and emotional illnesses. Reiki restores the balance of energy giving you holistic wellness. Rose Lindsay, our Reiki Master, offers both hands-on and hands-off treatment ― suited to each person’s preferences.

Restorative Yoga

This form of yoga consists of supported poses that lead to deep relaxation throughout the body. By relaxing deeply into each of the poses, we reduce stress, increase digestion, lower blood pressure, improve sleep, and restore the body deep from within.  The asanas (postures) are held typically between 4-5 minutes each for the deepest relaxation possible.

Crystal Singing Bowls

Sound has a magical ability to raise your frequencies and initiate your whole being on a healing journey. The tones and vibrations from these singing bowls move through every cell in the body. When immersed in these vibrations, awareness is expanded and we enter a entirely deeper state of meditative relaxation. Crystal singing bowls bring significant benefits. Get ready to reduce stress, disolve anxiety, calm pressure, sooth overactive adrenals, and bring a warm sense of equanimity to the entire body.

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